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I peacefully put a foot into the world of video game dev with RPG maker when I was in elementary school and then I fucked up and it became somewhat serious.

I went in the gaming industry with the development of Windjammers 2 at Dotemu for two years and followed my friends at Neofid Studios on the development of their crazy SEGA Genesis kickstarter game, Demons of Asteborg. At the end of 2021 I joined Motion Twin in their effort to make a new IP called Windblown, following Dead Cells steps into the sea of indie roguelikes they themselves helped to create.

I participated and designed many different types of successful projects which I think makes me a versatile programmer who knows how to work with talented people and adapts quickly to new issues and workflows.

While I love learning new IT stuff I am also very curious about some non-programming domains such as animation, graphic editing tools, modeling... I love my work the most when it is related to art and/or user experience as in gameplay programming and game design for instance.

Outside of work I try to play guitar, wild electric riffs or calm fingerstyle melodies depending on the mood and I learn japanese which takes me way longuer than I'm willing to admit. Of course I also play games, mostly with my friends on Smash, strategy games or rhythm games.