Demons of Asteborg (Neofid Studios)

Cover Art by Luis Martins
Cover Art by Luis Martins

Demons of Asteborg is a platform-based 16bit game with some metroidvania elements inspired by MegaDrive/Genesis platformer hits like Ghouls’n Ghosts, Castlevania or Mickey Mania.

Demons of Asteborg Release Trailer

I joined the team early 2020 to work on the engine (2D collision, vram manipulation, hitboxes, animation engine, state machines), AI and bosses. I later did the switch and the steam port which is available under a GPL3 license on my github: EasyBlastem.


Gameplay sequences

The final game rom exceeds 15MB which makes it the heaviest game ever made for the console. Due to its weight the game needs to load chunks of memory which was notably used on Street Fighter II in a process called bank switching. It was written in C using SGDK and is fully compatible with all SEGA Genesis/MegaDrive models.