Halt of Link (gamejam)

Halt of Link (gamejam)
Halt of Link

During school and following my first gamejam ever with Simon (same guy that made Demons of Asteborg), which had a Zelda theme, I wanted to push the core mechanics and make my own Ocarina of Time style game. I remember being motivated by all the UnrealEngine "good" looking Zelda demo focusing on looks rather than gameplay.

3D platforming gif
getting the classic Zelda 3D platforming to work was a priority

I still consider it to be one of the most important project in my career as it taught me physics, collisions, camera scripting, generating meshes, AI, lighting, texturing, animation, shaders and so on… It also taught me that prototyping can be quick but having something that looks and feels professional was something else that could take twice the time if not more.

day night cycle gif
Having a day/night cycle with falling stars, wind trails and stylized water style was very fun to do :D

I made some “DevLogs” on YouTube regarding the development of it, codename “Halt of Link”. The last one is dated January 2016, I did not add anything since, you can watch it on my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NPb01cfSAk0