Mechanicave (end of study project)

Mechanicave cover art
Mechanicave cover art

Mechanicave is a coop FPS procedural rogue-like with rpg elements, and could be played online. Way too big of a scope but we were young and free... Inspired by Metroid Prime you play as a robot trapped in an underworld maze, utilizing your equipment and the power of friendship to find your way out.

procedural demonstration gif
we had several types of room (traps, arena, platforming, boss...) and all levels were a formula of these types of rooms set in a specified biome (water, lava or organic)

We were a team of 7 students, I was in charge of the development and did the core gameplay as well as the procedural generation, enemy AI, computer graphics (shaders and popcornFX particles), sound management and networking (proton).

coop play gif
coop play is a very important aspect of the game, here only the player on the top could see the hidden platform

The game got nominated to represent our school Epitech, at the Paris Games Week 2017. Full walkthrough here: